Your Security solution for Atlassian products. Why not try our free basic scan and find if you have any common configuration errors, missed advisories or a product that is end of life?

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Private Beta

Atlasscan is now in private beta. It is being tested by selected Atlassian partners to fine tune the scanner and weed out any bugs. Would you like to join the private beta?

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Free Basic Scan

Atlasscan's free basic scan matches your product and version against known security advisories, the end of life table and a set of common configuration mistakes. Need help fixing them? Have a look at our partner list.

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Atlasscan grew out of a custom made tool for performing security tests on Atlassian products. Whereas the tool is command line only, Atlasscan is a web application that features automatic periodic scans of all listed hosts and a dashboard for immediate insight in the state of your Atlassian products.